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Asphalt Repairs in Temecula, CA

If the surface of your asphalt has seen better days, but the base is still working well, you don't have to demolish it. We provide asphalt repairs in Temecula, CA, that can undo years of damage. We can fix cracks and do patching and pothole repairs too. If your pavement is not capable of repair, we may recommend you take advantage of our driveway resurfacing service. Having your home or business look its best is important for both resale value and a welcoming feel that makes friends and customers want to visit.

Our company is also proud to offer asphalt milling, which gives your road a longer lifespan and makes for a better driving experience. This practice is great for the environment, because it recycles the existing asphalt rather than repaving it. It's also a better choice for your wallet, because milling is a more affordable option than repaving.

Driveway Paving Equipment in Temecula, CA

Our Asphalt Milling Eliminates Surface Damage

Besides repairs, we also do asphalt milling, which removes at least part of a surface of a paved area to make sure the thickness of the paving is level and smooth. This maintains overhead clearances for bridges and promotes an easy driving experience. Milling also helps with drainage problems by altering the grade of your property. This relieves you of the risk for flooding and other water damage, giving you peace of mind in rainstorms.

Milling can be done on the same surface multiple times, and it's a much more cost effective solution than reconstructing the pavement. It even minimizes the amount of time needed to keep traffic off the road, which makes the service more convenient for everyone. With this efficient practice and our competitive prices, you're sure to stay in your budget. Not only will you have a better looking road, but you'll have an opportunity to have us correct any problems too. We recommend looking into milling for a more attractive appearance or to fix the following issues: 

  • Cracking
  • Fire Marks/Gashes
  • Rutting
  • Uneven Surface
  • Raveling

Top-Quality Tar and Chip Repair

S&S Asphalt can do more than just asphalt; we also perform tar and chip repair. Tar and chip pavement is much like asphalt, except that the former combines a few different mixes and can be a variety of colors. This material is a great alternative for people who want a different color than the standard black, and we're proud to fix it as part of our driveway repairs.

Contact us to fix any asphalt problem. We're happy to repair asphalt in Temecula, Fallbrook, Escondido, El Cajon, San Diego, California, and the surrounding communities.