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Pothole Repairs in Temecula, CA

Do you or your customers find yourself constantly detouring to avoid craters in the street? Our pothole repairs in Temecula, CA can fix those. By using the latest technology and a crew that's well-versed in all things asphalt, we improve the safety and quality of roads and parking lots. You and everyone who comes to visit you will enjoy a smoother, safer drive that doesn't take a toll on their cars.

Potholes can be formed by a number of things, such as excessive heat, water, freezing, and plain time and wear. They're especially a problem in areas with poor drainage, heavy traffic, and negligent maintenance. Poor drainage leads drivers to go through what they think is a puddle but is actually an enormous crater holding recent rain. We offer asphalt pothole repair to prevent this from happening, both for homeowners and business owners.

Pothole Patching Saves Lives

Potholes may seem like just a small irritation, but the truth is that they are responsible for a significant number of accident-related deaths and billions of dollars in damages. It's been estimated that the impact caused by a deep pothole can be equivalent to that of a 35 mph car crash. Tires can be blown, or worse, a driver may swerve to avoid a pothole and hit something or someone else. Rims get bent, scratches to the underside cause rust, hoses become leaky, and steering and suspension systems get compromised.

A simple pothole patching job can make the difference between a guest or customer arriving safely and the same person suffering damage and possibly suing you for compensation. There are even personal injury lawyers devoted to potholes, and they often win their clients sums that are in the six and seven figures. All you have to do to stop that is call us, and our services will save you from a legal and emotional nightmare.

Pothole in Temecula, CA

Our Pothole Repair Is Quick and Effective

The longer potholes are left alone, the bigger they grow, and the more dangerous they become. Avoid the accidents before they happen by having the S&S Asphalt team provides you with pothole repair. We offer a fast fix that holds up and keeps your road and everyone on it safe. We can also prevent potholes from happening in the first place by providing your asphalt paving maintenance and repairs. Having your pavement regularly serviced can stop potholes in their tracks and keep the road in top condition. Investing now can save you from shelling out thousands or millions of dollars in the future, and when you choose us, you get the best bang for your buck. No matter what issues your road may have, we'll be there to fix it.

Contact us to stay safe from injuries and lawsuits. We fix potholes throughout Temecula, Fallbrook, Escondido, El Cajon, San Diego, California, and surrounding areas.